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We can reduce all of your electricity and water related costs.

Every dollar you eliminate from your operating costs is extra profit dropping to the company's bottom line! We make these profits possible and painless. Regardless of your type of business, large or small, we can reduce your costs and your problems.


Our Process

EES's process is thorough but efficient, and tailored to the needs of each facility.

  1. Initial Saving Assessment - We conduct a walkthrough of your facility to gather information about:
    • Key equipment and operations assets.
    • Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) process.
    • Utilities systems and distribution networks.
    • Electrical, gas, and water bills and their impact in the production process.
    • KPI’s, expected savings, operation and maintenance objectives, production situation and targets, and financial performance requirements.

         Based on this walkthrough, EES will prepare an Initial Assessment which includes recommended energy                    efficiency and conservation measures, estimated cost savings and payback period. There is no fee or                        obligation for the Initial Assessment.

    2.  Engineering and Design Work - The next step is to prepare an in-depth Engineering & Design Study. The              key steps in this process are:

    • Inspect and map the electrical, HVAC, steam, compressed air and water distribution systems.
    • Operating data for all loads in facility.
    • Process improvement measurements obtained at various locations.
    • Analysis of savings opportunities and selection and placement of appropriate energy efficiency measures (ECMs) to provide cost-effective savings.
    • As needed, computer modeling to simulate system-wide performance with proposed ECMs..
    • Based on this in-depth analysis, EES will prepare a project proposal including detail conservation measures, fixed price, and annual savings, payback period, ROI, and Net Present Value.

    3.  Installation & Commissioning - EES works closely with you to coordinate the install of the proposed ECM               technologies in your facility.

    • Complete all installation work with an on-site Project Manager and customer authorized representative.
    • Installation is performed by licensed professionals according to applicable codes, regulations and facility-specific safety and operational requirements.
    • All EES technologies are backed by a comprehensive better-than-standard industry warranty.
    • EES continuously monitors the project to verify energy savings fulfillment, ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction with the results.