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Our whole facility approach applies to:

Industrial Plants                 Office Buildings

Supermarkets                     Retail/Department Stores

Auto Dealerships                Schools

Hospitals                           Warehouses

No matter what type of business, factory, office building, or store you operate, we can save you from 10-35% on your utility bills and dramatically lower your cost of maintenance, repair, and replacement of fixtures and equipment, Our full facility, turn-key approach evaluates all major loads in your operation for energy efficiency improvements and cost savings.


We use advanced technologies to treat:

  • All types of Lighting, Fluorescent or HID
  • Fixed and Variable Speed Motors
  • Air Conditioning
  • Refrigeration
  • Compressed Air Systems
  • Steam and Boilers
  • Water, Water Towers, and Water Treatment
Our electrical cost reduction measures will improve your facility's power quality and reliability because we customize a detailed engineering design specifically for your facility and with your bottom line in mind.

Our water treatments can reduce both your water and sewer bills significantly and include "at-the-meter" and process improvements as well as reuse.

Our customers include:

IMC Construction HQ

PAC Strapping Products

Stockwell Elastomerics

Singer Equipment Company

Purolite Corporation

AGC Chemicals