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Industrial/Commercial Energy Conservation & Power Quality

EES uses a "whole facility" approach to first understand your facilities energy usage, then model energy conservation measures (ECM's) to maximize financial and operational savings, before proposing and executing a turnkey energy-savings project that does NOT interfere with your operations or equipment.

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We are a multi-faceted electric & water conservation company dedicated to reducing our customer's utility bills by 10-35%.

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By "whole facility" we mean:

Utility Conservation and Power Quality Improvement measures addressing all the major load groups in a typical facility (equipment motors, lighting, HVAC, refrigeration, compressed air, steam, water, etc.)

What we can do for you

EES provides energy and operations efficiency solutions for industrial and commercial customers with the following key benefits:

  • Turnkey, fixed price solutions
  • Energy efficiency solutions addressing all major electrical load groups
  • Steam and water conservation measures too
  • Predictive maintenance and operations improvements
  • Attractive ROI – typically 10% - 35% annual savings with reasonable paybacks within 1 to 3 years
  • Solutions are "passive" and non-intrusive – no change in operational behavior and no equipment change-outs 

Customer Benefits

Reduced electrical consumption

Decreased greenhouse gas emissions

Improved power quality, power factor, and voltage

Increased electrical system capacity

Reduced unnecessary heat

Improved cooling capacity or air conditioning and refrigeration

Lengthen lives of motors, lights, air conditioning and refrigeration

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